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Simply Transport Agent allows Exchange to route outgoing mail based on sender domain or based on a distribution group in Active Directory.

Exchange 2010 does not provide any option on the Send Connectors or Transport rules to allow sender based routing. If you need to route all outgoing mail from a specific domain, or members of a certain group to an encryption server to encrypt outgoing mail before sending out to external users. Simply Transport Agent will help you to archive this goal.

Sender Domain Based Routing

This feature is typically useful for hosting provider which host multiple domain in the same Exchange organization.

Hosting providers sometimes need to route specific domains to different target mail systems. For example some customer domains should be encrypted for outgoing mail or should use dedicated outgoing spam filters. Hosting providers can achieve this scenario using Simply Transport Agent.

Distribution Group Based Routing

Some organizations want to separate some department staff's outgoing mail to be routed to a dedicated path. For example, all legal department staff's outgoing mail could be routed to an encryption server using Simply Transport Agent.

Rewrite sender address

This feature is pretty much the same as the rewrite feature of Exchange Edge Server, however Simply Transport Agent doesn’t require a rewrite entry on each HUB server.

Flowchart for Simply Transport Agent