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Simply Sync Password Client Capture Installation & Configuration

Simply sync password capture agent Installation [Download]

Before You Begin


After completing this installation on an Active Directory Domain Controller, the server will be able to:

  • Capture password change and notify to target

To capture all user password changes, the Capture agent must be installed on every Active Directory Domain Controller



Before attempting this installation step, please ensure the target has the following pre-requisites:

  • NET Framework 3.5
  • Server should be Active Directory Domain Controller
For Windows Server 2003, you must also install Windows Imaging Component (WIC) on the target computer:

Capture Agent Installation

You are an administrator for a company which currently maintains several Domain Controllers. A decision has been made to implement Simply PW Sync Capture Agent to take advantage of password synchronization, to solve administrative challenges and to reduce operating costs. The password synchronization capability will allow the company to deliver the functionality and simplicity of single sign on into a distributed environment.

Deploying Capture Agent

Download password capture agent to any local drive.

In this document, we will use x64 bit capture agent.

Install Capture Agent in a Domain Controller

In the previous tasks, you ensured that your environment meets all of the prerequisites for installing the Capture Agent on a Domain Controller. In the following task, you will install the Capture Agent on the appropriate Active Directory Domain Controller.

1. Logon to Domain Controller as Domain Administrative.

2. On Server, Run Windows Explorer and find setup.exe in extracted target folder.

3. Run PWSyncInstaller64.msi or PWSyncInstaller32.msi.

NOTE: If .NET Framework 3.5 is not installed. .NET Framework 3.5 installation windows will pop up. If yoiu are prompted you should install .NET Framework 3.5 and Reboot computer

For Windows Server 2003, you must also install Windows Imaging Component (WIC) on the target computer before .NET Framework 3.5 installation:

4. On the Welcome page, click Next.

5. On the License Agreement page, select I Agree and then click Next.

6. Browse folder location to install and Choose Just me or Everyone. On the Network Credentials page, click Next.

7. On the Password Sync Server Information page, Type Hosted URL, Access ID, Password and Hosted Domain click Next.

  • Server URL: This is server URL to receive password change info.
  • Server Access ID: Server Access account
  • Server Access Password: Server account password
  • Hosted Domain: if server is shared hosted environment, type OU name under Hosted Active Directory. For examples, if you are using hosted exchange which is using Exchange 2010 with hosted mode.
    Type email domain name.

8. On the Confirm Installation page, click Next.

9. On the Installation Complete page, click Close.

10.Reboot system

11. Confirm PWSync Client Service is running.

Configure Capture Agent

Configure and Register Capture Agent

In the previous tasks, you installed the Capture Agent on every Domain Controller in your environment. In the following task, you will configure the Capture Agent.

1. Logon to the Domain Controller as Domain Administrator.
On Server, Run Windows Explore and locate install folder.
Execute PWSyncClientConfiguration.exe

2. Review Information on PW Sync Client Configuration page

3. Choose Tool -> Register

4. Type license key

Evaluation Key is "VrC98F9GUsRN3cy909DQq4h7kI+AsRSH50bcNBnq/1I="
In the evaluation version, only user accounts starting with the name "test" will work

Configure user mapping test and set up notification

How to test users mapping

This feature is available for Active directory as target sync server

Click on "Tool" -> "Test Usres Mapping"

How to configure notification in case of error