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illuminate your business

illuminate your business

Q1.Can I sync an Active Directory user’s password between different active directory forests?

Simply Sync Password tool enables password sync between different forests in Active Directory without the need to open any ports on your firewall

Simply Sync Password also doesn’t require any trust relationship between forests.

Q2. We are Exchange hosting provider. Many customers want to sync user's password from their Active Directory to our Active Directory

Simply Sync Password fully supports a shared Active Directory environment where Active Directory hosts multi-tenant customers with multiple domains in single Active Directory tree. For example, Exchange 2010 hosting mode is fully supported. 

Hosting providers can simply provide the sync download URL to their customer and have the customer install SimplyPWSyncClient capture module on each of their domain controllers. No other setup is required.

Q3. Can I sync an Active Directory user’s password with target systems other than Active Directory?

Simply Sync Password Advanced was developed to use an event-driven method. It provides the developer with an API which can be used to develop new agents to pass password to any other system. 

Once SimplySyncPWServer receive password change from client capture agent, it raise event to all subscribers.

Q4. I want to route Exchange mail based on sender domain

Simply Exchange Routing Agent enables Exchange mail routing based on sender domain without any performance issues. You can create the rules you need to route mail to right server. 

For example, you can designate a specific user’s outgoing mail to be encrypted by routing to an encryption server provided you have separate delivery route out