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  • Mike



    Simply Sync Password

    Automatically create the target user if the user does not exist.

    I have installed the password sync server and capture agent in my evaluation environment. Sync Server is installed on Target Domain and Password capture on Source one. I already configured these components following the guides that I download from your website.

    I Created a test account named test user on source domain and I have tried to test the synchronization with the target domain. But the tool could not create the test user if it there was no mapped user on target domain. Is it possible to create a new user automatically on target domain even there was not mapped user there?

  • Support



    Re: Automatically create the target user if the user does not exist.

    Yes, it is possible to configure automatic creation on target if the user does not exist on the target.
    To achieve this, you need to verify the following.

    On the client configuration,
    1. Check “create user on Target if user doesn’t exist on Target AD” option.

    On the server configuration,
    1. Open “PW Sync Active Directory Agent Configuration” and choose “Tool -> Account Management”.
    2. Click on “Permission” Tab.
    Check "User/Group Creation" and fill out target upn value in "Principal Domain" field.
    3. “PWSync Active Directory Agent Service” account should have user creation permission.