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Simply Sync Password allows organizations to synchronize their passwords and active directory properties from their local Active Directory site to an external Active Directory sites or other external systems.

Simply Sync Password is a great alternative for organizations that do not want the added complexity and cost that comes with establishing a trust relationship between Active Directory sites or deploying an AD FS infrastructure. AD FS is great for large organizations, but in many cases it just doesn’t make sense for small and medium size organizations.


Simple and secure Password Synchronization

Synchronization of User, Groups, and other Active Directory properties
Creation/Deletion of Users, Groups, and Active Directory properties between 2 AD's
Supports Two-way sync
Multi-tenant set up specifically for Service Provider
Easily control client configuration from Simply Sync Server
Manage and provision client license keys from Simply Sync Server

Simply Sync Password Upgrade Guide[PDF Version]

Version compatibility Table

The new version of Simply Sync Server supports the legacy Simply Sync Clients.

Client 2.5 Client 3.0 Client 3.4 Client 3.5 Client 3.6 Client 3.7 Client 3.8
Sync Server 2.5 O X X X X X X
Sync Server 3.0 O O X X X X X
Sync Server 3.4 O O O X X X X
Sync Server 3.5 O O O O X X X
Sync Server 3.6 O O O O O X X
Sync Server 3.7 O O O O O O X
Sync Server 3.8 O O O O O O O


Here’s a quick overview of how the solution works. Simply Sync Password consists of 2 main components and one add-on component:

Simply Sync Password Client (Password Capture Agent)
Simply Sync AD Plug-In
Simply Sync Password Server

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The Password Capture Agent

The role of the Password Capture Agent is to intercept password changes as they occur on the domain controllers. Since you don’t know which domain controller a user is going to use to reset their password, the Password Capture Agent must be installed on all domain controllers. The Password Capture Agent does not interfere with the password change process, it simply intercepts the change request as it happens. When a user’s password is changed, the client intercepts it, and passes it off to the Password Sync Server.

The Password Sync Server

The role of the Password Sync Server is to change the passwords on the target server. The Password Sync Server is installed on a single server and all Password Capture Agent systems are configured to use the single Password Server. When the Password Capture Agent sends a password change to the Password Sync Server, the Password Sync Server connects to target system and changes the user’s password. The entire process from the user changing their password in Active Directory to the password being changed in target system typically takes less than 30 seconds.

The Password Sync Server runs as a web service and can be configured to use customized logic to synchronize multiple target systems. A hosting provider can utilize Password Sync Server to provide their clients a way to sync their Active Directory passwords to a hosted Active Directory site. Its intended target audience is small to medium organizations or hosting providers.

Simply Sync AD Plug-In

The role of the Simply Sync AD Plug-In is to sync users and group active directory properties on the target server. The Simply Sync AD Plug-In is installed in any member server of source domain.

The Simply Sync AD Plug-In runs as a backgroup schedule service.


Password Capture Agent

.Net Framework 4.0
Windows Server 2003 or higher Domain Controller
Reboot is required after installation

Password Sync Server

.Net Framework 4.0
Windows Server 2003 or higher

Password Sync AD Plug-In

.Net Framework 4.0
Windows Server 2003 or higher

Enterprise Scenario 1

1. Company A merges with Company B. They want to sync A.COM password to B.COM.

2. Company A wants to sync passwords to HR or MIS database.

Enterprise Scenario 2

Company A wants to sync passwords to Microsoft Office 365 Exchange

Hosting Provider Scenario 1

Hosting Provider wants to provide the customer with a way to sync account passwords in their Active Directory to a hosting provider’s Active Directory.

Hosting Provider Scenario 2

1. Hosting Provider wants to provide the customer with a way to sync account passwords in the hosting provider’s Active Directory to customer’s Active Directory.

2. Hosting Provider wants to sync password in hosted Active Directory to a partner solution.


Simply Password Synch is licensed per Capture Agent, Password Sync Server Installation and the number of user account you plan to support. For Hosting providers volume pricing is available, please contact info@igoodworks.com for all purchase options.