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  • Ralf



    Simply Sync Password

    Password sync not functioning

    I try to evaluate Password sync.
    Iwant to sync Passwords between to Microsoft Active Directorys in one direction. I want only sync Password, not other attributes.
    When i Change the Password i see the following entrys in the log of the PW sync Server:

    [2015-09-16 16-20-18]Trial Key is found
    [2015-09-16 16-20-18]error occurred while starting to start FacadeService service : License Key is invalid
    [2015-09-16 16-20-18]testedvbwd is being tried to send to PWSyncServer with strSourceKeyAttribute[......
    [2015-09-16 16-20-19]testedvbwd is being tried to send to event handler with key[sAMAccountName]......
    [2015-09-16 16-20-19]testedvbwd has been sent to event handler with key[sAMAccountName],.......
    2015-09-16 16-20-19]testedvbwd is being tried to send to customer agent event handler with key[sAMAccountName]........
    [2015-09-16 16-20-19]Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
    [2015-09-16 16-20-19]testedvbwd has been sent to PWSyncServer

    But the Password is not changed on the target Domain.
    Can you help us to find the error.

    Best regards


  • Support



    RE: Password sync not functioning

    the license key is invalid.
    please register trial key.
    you can find trial key in installation folder.