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illuminate your business

  • Fredrik



    Simply Sync Password

    How to enable logging / Debug / Test

    We have installed server and client but when password is changed, nothing seems to happen / be send to the server. How can we trace or debug whats going on?

  • Support



    RE: How to enable logging / Debug / Test

    You can enable debug mode and check log files which are created under “C:\Program Files\GoodWorks Communications\Simply Sync Password Client v3.5\log” ?
    please find steps below.
    a. Step to enable debug mode
    i. Open “registry edit”
    ii. Locate on “Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\GoodWorks\PWSync
    iii. Change “Debug” entry value to “1”
    iv. If “Debug” entry does not exist, create “Debug” as String value and set value to “1”.

    if you couldn't find PWSyncClient[yyyy-mm-dd].log file, you need to reboot the machine.
    PWSync Client requires rebooting after installation on source DC.