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Simply Sync

For Fast, Secure Synchronization of your users between multiple directories such as Active Directory, Azure, LDAP, and Google

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Simply Sync to Active Directory

Simply Sync allows you to sync your Active Directory Passwords and other attributes to remote systems such as Office 365, LDAP, or other AD's.

It is a fantastic solution for Service Providers and a great alternative for organizations that do not want the added complexity and cost that comes with establishing a trust between AD sites or an AD FS infrastructure.


Simply Password Sync User Scenario


AD to AD (or DB)

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AD to Office 365 AD to Google

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AD to Hosting Shared AD

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Hosting Provider to 3rd Party Service

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Frequently Asked Questions

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1. Can I sync an Active Directory user’s password between different active directory forests?

Simply Sync Password tool enables password sync between different forests in Active Directory without the need to open any ports on your firewall. Simply Sync Password also doesn’t require any trust relationship between forests.

2. We are Exchange hosting provider. Many customers want to sync user's password from their Active Directory to our Active Directory ?

3. Can I sync an Active Directory user’s password with target systems other than Active Directory?

4. I want to route Exchange mail based on sender domain ?